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Ant Media Streams refusing to play after embedding


I am trying to embed Ant Media stream on my website but it’s not playing. I am looking for help to fix this issue. Thanks

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  1. There are a couple of reasons why your Ant Media streams are refusing to play after embedding on your site:

    Wrong Ant Media embed code

    When you create a stream in Ant Media, you can copy the embed code and paste it into your website. Make sure you’re using the right embed code by verifying if the stream ID matches with one attached to your target stream

    Your site doesn’t have SSL certificate

    If the website domain on which you want to embed the Ant Media stream doesn’t have SSL, the streams will not play. This happens when you also have SSL installed on Ant Media. But if both the Ant Media server and the Website don’t have SSL running, the streams will play perfectly.

    Your website domain is not whitelisted

    Ant Media allows you to whitelist domains that can embed streams. If this configuration is triggered, then embedding streams on domains that are not whitelisted won’t work.

    Appropriate Ant Media ports are not open

    Sometimes when the standard Ant Media ports are not opened through the firewall, the streams are likely not to play. Open Ant Media ports through the firewall here.

    Your broadcast is not working

    Maybe your embed setup is correct but there is a problem with broadcasting. You can check if your video source is working perfectly. If you’re using OBS to stream to Ant Media, verify that everything is working for you.

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