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Do I necessarily need a GPU for Ant Media Server streaming?


When do I need to use a GPU in Ant Media Server? Do I need it to stream Full HD? Please advise me accordingly! Thanks

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  1. You don’t necessarily need a GPU to run streams using Ant Media Server. The primary role of the GPU in Ant Media is to accelerate the video encoding process.  This means that the GPU can unburden the CPU of the encoding load, especially at peak hours.

    The GPU is also crucial if you’re streaming Full HD or 4K videos as it speeds up the encoding process of these formats.

    The Ant Media Adaptive bitrate streaming feature can also benefit from the GPU integration as it’s resource-intensive. But the Adaptive bitrate streaming is optional if you have limited server resources.

    In summary, if you’re simply running a basic streaming session, having a GPU configured with Ant Media is not really necessary. You can still stream videos up to full HD without a GPU as long as you have enough CPU resources on your server.

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