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How can I backup and restore Ant Media Configurations on the new server?


I would like to move my current Ant Media Setup to a new server. How can I migrate the existing configuration?

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  1. The first thing is to back up the Ant Media directory which is located under the following path:

    mv /usr/local/antmedia{,_bck}

    The mv command is used to rename the directory antmedia to antmedia_back.

    The next step is to download this renamed backup copy so you can transfer it to the newer server. There are various ways to achieve this.

    It’s important to note that you must first install Ant Media server on the new server on which the restoration of the backup copy is to be made.

    To restore Ant Media configurations, you need to upload the backup copy to /usr/local/ directory path. This means that you will have to delete the existing antmedia directory that came with the new installation and replace it with the backup directory, renaming it back to its default (antmedia):


    After the transfer is complete, fix the file permissions by running this command:

    chown -R antmedia:antmedia /usr/local/antmedia/

    Finally, you can restart Ant Media using this command:

    systemctl restart antmedia
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