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How can I deploy Ant Media Server for a large audience?


I am looking for a way to understand how to deploy Ant Media Server for over 100,000 concurrent users. Is there an easiest way to achieve this?

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    Ant Media server has capabilities to stream up to millions of concurrent viewers once you set up the right infrastructure with the potential to scale. To configure Ant Media server for large audiences, you will need to run multiple server instances in a cluster or even in a group of clusters. This could be achieved either on-cloud or on-premise self-hosted deployment architecture. 

    Let’s try to see a couple of strategies:  

    Kubernetes deployment

    You can run Ant Media in a Kubernetes cluster with thousands of nodes. But the easiest way to implement this is to use cloud-based managed Kubernetes engines like:

    • AWS EKS
    • DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS)
    • OVH
    • Azure Managed Kubernetes (AKS)

    Auto-scaling group with load balancers

    You can also deploy Ant Media in a cluster of servers using load balancers. Some of the deployment scenarios include:

    • Ant Media cluster Nginx load load balancing
    • Ant Media cluster with Haproxy load balancer
    • Ant Media cluster with AWS auto-scaling
    • Ant Media Cluster with Azure auto-scaling
    • Ant Media Cluster with Alibaba auto-scaling
    • Ant Media Cluster with Google Cloud auto-scaling

      It is important to note that running a massive auto-scaling infrastructure for Ant Media streaming requires experienced skills and knowledge. You can always find me on Fiverr so can chat about your project if you need help in this area

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