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How can I enable RTMP stream playback in Ant Media Server?


I am using OBS encoder to broadcast an RTMP stream to Ant Media Server.

But when I try to play the same RTMP stream URL with VLC or any other player, it can’t play. Is there a workaround to enable RTMP playback in Ant Media Server?

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    RTMP stream playback is no longer supported so it’s not recommended. But if you still need it, you can activate it using the /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/LiveApp/WEB_INF/red5-web.properties¬†file

    This can be done by text editors like nano or Vim.

    nano /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/LiveApp/WEB_INF/red5-web.properties 

    Now, you will need to find or add the following line in the red5.properties file you’ve just opened with the text editor:

    settings.rtmpPlaybackEnabled=true // By default, it is false.

    Restart Ant Media server after editing:

    sudo service antmedia restart
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