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How can I update or upgrade Ant Media Server?


Hello! I am looking for a way to upgrade my existing Ant Media Server installation to the latest release. Is there a way to do this?

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  1. To update or upgrade your existing Ant Media server instance to the latest release or version, follow these steps:

    Log into your server

    Have access to your server on which Ant Media is installed. You can do this using SSH access with your appropriate credentials.

    Download the latest Ant Media server build

    On your SSH terminal, you need to download the latest Ant Media Server build. If you’re using Ant Media community edition, you can find all the latest community builds hereĀ 

    If you’re using Ant Media Enterprise edition, then you need to log into your Ant Media customer account and find the latest build. The latest version will always be listed inside your Ant Media account so you can download it.

    You can use the wget command to download the latest Ant Media build on our terminal:

    sudo wget Put-your-Ant-Media-Download-link-here

    Download the Ant Media installation script

    The Ant Media installation script is a standalone script and it’s different from the Ant Media software itself, which comes packaged in a zipped folder.

    This script contains all the instructions that help you automate the installation of the Ant Media Server.

    You can run the following command to download the installation script:

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ant-media/Scripts/master/install_ant-media-server.sh -O install_ant-media-server.sh && chmod 755 install_ant-media-server.sh

    Upgrade Ant Media server to the latest

    Now that you have everything you need, you can start the process of upgrading to your desiredĀ  version of Ant Media server:

    sudo ./install_ant-media-server.sh -i ANT_MEDIA_SERVER_ZIP_FILE -r true

    Make sure you replace ANT_MEDIA_SERVER_ZIP_FILE with the actual name of the zip file you downloaded that contains the latest Ant Media build.

    The -r flag is used to keep all your Ant Media settings and account after the upgrade is completed

    Finally, access the Ant Media Web Panel by logging in through the browser.

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