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How much RAM, CPU & Bandwidth does Ant Media Server need?


I am planning to deploy Ant Media Server to stream to over 50,000 concurrent viewers. How much computing resources do I need to set up this configuration?

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    To understand the computing resources you need to stream with Ant Media, you need to first understand important factors like:

    Number of concurrent viewers

    This is the average number of viewers you expect to watch videos simultaneously in a given time. More concurrent viewers means more need for server resources.

    Number of streaming hours

    More time spent broadcasting and streaming videos will also mean more bandwidth and data transfer

    Streaming Video quality

    Streaming high video quality needs enough CPU power for faster encoding and more bandwidth to transfer large files to the end viewers. Here is a table of estimated CPU & RAM you need to stream at an average quality in Ant Media server

    Estimated server resources Estimated No. of Concurrent Viewers
    4 Cores CPU | 8 GB RAM 200
    8 Cores CPU | 16 GB RAM 400
    16 Cores CPU | 32 GB RAM 800
    32 Cores CPU | 32 GB RAM 2000

      Here is also a table showing the estimated data transfer per viewer per hour based on various streaming video qualities

    Video Quality Estimated data transfer per hour per user
    240 0.14GB
    360p 0.23GB
    480p 0.45GB
    720p 0.68GB
    1080p 1.35GB

    If you plan to run your streams 24/7 per month or throughout the month, then you can just multiply the estimated data transfer per hour by 720 hours, which are the total number of hours in a month to get the total monthly data transfer per user.          

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