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How to set up Access Control Lists (ACL) in Linux?


I am looking for advice on how to set up Access Control Lists (ACL) in Linux. Please help and thank you in advance

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  1. Let’s assume you have a file named file.txt and a Linux user, user1, the following ACL command will allow ‘user1 to have the read and write permissions on file.txt:

    setfacl -m u:user1:rw file.txt

    Let’s break down the above command:

    • setfacl: This is the command we use to set or modify Access Control Lists (ACLs).
    • -m: This flag is used to modify the ACL of the specified file or directory.
    • u: This option or flag is used to specify a user to whom the ACL rules are going to apply.
    • user1 : This is the example user you’ve set using the -u flag.
    •  rw: These are the permissions we’re granting. “r” stands for “read” and “w” stands for “write”. This means that the specified user can both read from and write to the file. It does not grant execute permissions.
    • file.txt: This is the name of the file to which you are applying the ACL rule.

    However, you will need to understand the flags or options and parameters involved with working with ACLs, This article has everything you need to know about Access Control lists

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