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SSL not installing on Ant Media Server


I am trying to install SSL certificate on my Ant Media Server instance but the installation is refusing and causing errors

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  1. There are various reasons that could be preventing SSL from installing on Ant Media server. Some of them include:

    You’re using the wrong Directory path

    To install SSL on Ant Media, you need to make sure you’re in the right directory path. Use the cd command to navigate to the Ant Media directory before installing the SSL certificate:

    cd /usr/local/antmedia/

    Your Domain Name hasn’t propagated

    Another reason why installing SSL on Ant Media is failing is because your Domain Name has not propagated yet or you didn’t set up the DNS settings correctly.

    Make sure you have your Domain Name pointed to the IP address of the server on which you’ve installed Ant Media.

    You can use this tool to check for your Domain propagation status


    You didn’t open the Ant Media HTTPS port

    In some cases, I’ve noticed that if you’ve not opened the appropriate Ant Media ports through the firewall, the SSL installation process is likely not to be successful.

    Follow this guide to open Ant Media ports through the firewall


    You’re using the wrong syntax

    The other problem is likely because you’re using the wrong syntax for installing SSL certificate on Ant Media server.

    When you’re already inside the Ant Media Server directory, you can use the following command to install SSL certificate:

     sudo ./enable_ssl.sh -d domain.com

    Replace domain.com with your own domain you want to use

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