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Where can I buy the most Cheapest VPS server?


I would like to host multiple websites but I am looking for the most affordable VPS plans by a reliable provider. Can somebody recommend? Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Contabo VPS servers are some of the most cheapest and affordable on the market. Contabo is a German company with Data centers located in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

    Contabo Wins among all the other players because they have generous offers; See their VPS plans below and you will be surprised:


    Contabo offers Windows & Linux instances

    Contabo has both Windows and Linux Servers and the choice is in your hand.



    If you’re planning to deploy a Linux server, you will only be charged for the hardware and not the software. This is because most Linux operating systems are open-source and free.

    On the other hand, they charge an extra fee if you want to deploy a Windows server. See below:

    When ordering for a VPS, they will charge you a one-time setup fee. This fee is charged once and it’s not recurring.


    Contabo’s Billing Cycles and the Setup fees

    Let’s say you would like to purchase the starting¬† Cloud VPS 1¬†(CPU 4 vCPU Cores | RAM
    6 GB RAM | STORAGE 100 GB NVMe | or 400 GB SSD | SNAPSHOT
    1 Snapshot),

    Here is a breakdown of the various billing cycles Contabo offers:

    • Monthly Billing cycle: This means that you will be paying the VPS costs per month. The monthly fee is $5.50 and the one-time setup fee is $7.50, bringing the total to $13.00 for the first month. But the next months after the first one, they will charge you 5.50 per month¬†without any more 7.50-setup fee again.


    • 3-Months Billing cycle: If you select this, you will be charged 3 x $5.50 and
      $5.60 ($7.50) setup fee, bringing the total to $22.10 for the first 3 months. Then the next billing total will only be $16.5 or (3 x $5.50).


    • 6-Months Billing Cycle: If you go with this, they will charge you ($5.50 x 6) and $3.75 (7.50) for the setup fee, bringing the total for the first 6 months to $36.75. After the first 6 months, you will only be charged $33 without the setup fee.


    • 1-Year Billing cycle: You will be charged $5.50 x 6 without the setup fee, bringing the total to just $66 for the entire year. In other words, if you select the 12-month billing cycle, they won’t charge you the setup fee.


    Get started with Contabo here


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