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Why does my Ant Media stream keep buffering?


I’ve set up Ant Media Server on a VPS but the streams keep buffering and they’re not smooth for viewing. What could be causing this issue?

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  1. There are a couple of reasons why your Ant Media stream is buffering:

    Poor VPS with insufficient resources

    Video streaming requires sufficient resources like RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. Running Ant Media on a VPS server with limited resources will likely cause buffering issues. But even if you have enough RAM and CPU, your VPS provider may choose to throttle or limit your bandwidth usage, hampering the performance of your Ant Media streams

    You need an affordable and reliable VPS provider who doesn’t unnecessarily throttle your server bandwidth.

    Your local connection is poor

    If you’re streaming videos locally to your Ant Media server, your internet could be unreliable. You need to make sure you have enough internet speed that can allow you to broadcast live streams.

    The streaming infrastructure is overwhelmed

    This happens if your current Ant Medis server instance can’t handle the size of your audience. To fix this issue, you need to scale up your infrastructure by deploying a cluster of servers.

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